Installation Process

  • Using a measuring jug, decant the required amount of sealant per tyre into the pump container.
  • Using a valve core remover, remove the valve core from the inside of the tyre valve by turning it anti-clockwise. Let majority of the air out the tyre.
  • Push the end of the clear hose pump onto the tyre valve. Make sure it is a tight fit.
  • Prime the pump just before the sealant reaches the end of the clear tube at the tyre valve. You are now ready to pump the correct amount of sealant into the tyre.
  • Put the correct amount of sealant into the container for 1 tyre at a time as in step 1, this is to ensure balancing is not effected
  • Start pumping the sealant into the tyre as per recommended dosage.
  • Once the correct amount of sealant has been inserted, screw the valve core back into the valve of the tyre in a clockwise motion.
  • Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure and rotate the vehicle tyre or drive the vehicle to ensure the sealant to form a uniform layer inside the tyre and becomes fully effective.