Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should use TYRE GUARD INDIA in Tube or Tyres?
  • How TYRE GUARD INDIA works to seal punctures?
  • What kind of punctures will be sealed by TYRE GUARD INDIA?
  • Whether TYRE GUARD INDIA will seal the punctures in Tubeless s and Tyres with Tube?
  • What are the different quality of TYRE GUARD INDIA?
  • TYRE GUARD INDIA is having any size limitations for sealing punctures in Tyres and Tubes?
  • Whether TYRE GUARD INDIA will helps to seal the punctures more than the above size ?
  • Is there any other benefits to the user of TYRE GUARD INDIA?
  • Whether any side effects or causes of TYRE GUARD INDIA?
  • Is there any hazardous for using TYRE GUARD INDIA?
  • Whether the with TYRE GUARD INDIA can be retreads/repairable?
  • What is the life of TYRE GUARD INDIA in tube ?
  • Whether the TYRE GUARD INDIA will evaporate or dry or to freezing condition on or after use ?
  • Whether TYRE GUARD INDIA flammable?
  • How TYRE GUARD INDIA perform in extreme temperature condition?
  • Whether TYRE GUARD INDIA will affect the rim of the ?
  • Whether any specific quantity of TYRE GUARD INDIA is to be inserted in to the / tube for different sizes or /tube?
  • Is there any precaution, method on handling TYRE GUARD INDIA?
  • What is Warranty for TYRE GUARD INDIA to its customers?
To avoid breakdown due to punctures on road subject to certain conditions for use.
On road, when rotates the air pressure and centrifugal force draw TYRE GUARD INDIA close to the puncture area as tire / tube flexes and the hole expanded, the proprietary formulation containing different lengths of long lasting fibers enter the puncture cavity to seal the punctures.
TYRE GUARD INDIA will seal most of the punctures caused by nail, thorns etc.,in tread area of the tyres where the tyres touches with the ground with certain conditions.
Yes, There are different quality of sealant for tubeless and tyres with tube.
TYRE GUARD INDIA – will seal punctures in all kinds of vehicles with tubeless Tyres, tube for motor cycles. It will seal punctures in with tube for car, van, Auto etc. and Will seal punctures in with tube for all kinds of Heavy vehicles such as Lorry, Bus, trucks etc.,
Yes, TYRE GUARD INDIA will seal punctures in tubeless tyres up to 3/8 of inches of diameter for on road-running vehicle’s in tread area where the touches with the ground subject to conditions. It will seal punctures in tube with tyres up to 2/8 of inches of Diameter for on road running vehicle’s in tread area where the tyres touches with the ground subject to conditions.
Incase the punctures are bigger than the above size, the leakage of air will be slow but possibly could be fast if there is a tear in the tube, hence it may be repaired after running for a short distance to the repairing centre.
Yes, Heat is the primary cause of wear in tyres and TYRE GUARD INDIA helps to reduce heat on running which will extent life. It improves fuel economy to the vehicles and reduces operating and maintenance cost by extending life of the. TYRE GUARD INDIA safeguards wheels and belts against corrosion, prevents rust and lubricates rims in tubeless.
There are no side effects. TYRE GUARD INDIA is made by chemicals which inert and will not affect the life of the tyre or wheel and is easily washable with water. It will not affect future repairs/retreads for more effective running.
TYRE GUARD INDIA is proved to be a non-hazardous material non-inflammable and non-explosive.
Yes, TYRE GUARD INDIA in tyres can be washed out with water easily and can be retreads and repaired.
TYRE GUARD INDIA last for legal life of tube and on road condition until releasing air pressure or dismantling the tube.
No, TYRE GUARD INDIA will always be in the same condition. It will not be affected by climate changes whether heat or cool subject to certain conditions.
No, TYRE GUARD INDIA is inflammable. It contains ethylene and propylene glycol with water base.
TYRE GUARD INDIA contains ethylene glycol which is normally used as an anti-freeze and in cooling and heating system. It works well both in hot and coolest season.
No, TYRE GUARD INDIA contains anti-corrosive element and will help to protect steel or aluminum wheels from rust.
Yes, TYRE GUARD INDIA application chart for all size of tyres with quantity to be inserted in to / tube is separately available with authorized dealers.
Keep out of reach of children. Don’t take internally. Splashed in eyes / eye irritant / swallowed eyes / eye irritant dilute with water and seek medical help immediately.
The Supplier / Manufacturer shall not be liable for any consequential or damages or such any other acts or remedy on using TYRE GUARD INDIA .The Supplier / Manufacturer shall not be liable for all expenses related to any kind of action by user of TYRE GUARD INDIA , for towing, repair, replacement expenses or any claims from the third party including user of TYRE GUARD INDIA or any other operating vehicles under inflated or flat tyres or failing to follow proper instruction from the supplier / manufacturer of TYRE GUARD INDIA.